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This is the book that started it all.

After my own adventure preparing to climb the Seven Summits, and losing 60 pounds mostly by using a weighted backpack treadmill training program such as in the Rucking Simple Training Guide, I wrote this book. I spent two years making this the most complete guide to training for hiking and mountaineering.

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How many times do I get to say “Thank You For Reading My Simple Guide?”

I’m thrilled that you came to visit this page. I hope you took a minute to stop by the book page on Amazon, or B&N or Goodreads, and left your heartfelt review. Amazon especially thrives on reviews. My search results are based partially on reviews. The more the merrier. I’d be really happy if you left one. The main question I ask is – Did I answer the basic question here:

How do I begin to train cardio with a weighted backpack on an inclined treadmill?

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Videos From the Book

Treadmill Safety Video – mentioned in the book – click for new article about it