Summit Success: Training for Hiking Paperback


Hiking, Nordic Walking, Mountaineering, Peak Bagging, Skiing, Snowshoeing and so much more.

This is the perennial classic, best-selling, most complete guide to training for endurance sports essential to hiking. It’s the foundation to the online training program, now in its 4th year. If you need to improve your ability to move more quickly in the mountains and on the trails, this is the book you need.

Includes instructions for Treadmills, Incline Treadmills, Stair steppers, Box stepping, and Stairs.

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Hiking, Nordic Walking, Mountaineering, Peak Bagging, Skiing, Snowshoeing and so much more.
Lots of people want to start doing these sports but they’re out of shape, or slow, or just let themselves go due to work or family. Some people are in pretty good shape but have never realized the benefit of a structured training program using progressive training protocols. Now is the time to become the best you can be.
If you are active in the outdoors, or just want to be more active, this book helps you get in the best shape you can fast. In only 16 weeks you’ll be stronger and faster at all of your favorite adventure outdoors sports. Every day of the 16 weeks is laid out for you in training tables that are easy to read and easy to follow. Every exercise is illustrated in detail so you know the right way to do it. Over 120 tables and 88 illustrations show you the way to accomplish your goals.
16 Weeks to the Top of the Peaks!
Every exercise in this book can be done in a commercial gym, a home gym, or even outdoors with less than $100 in gear. It’s all explained for you. There is supplementary material available to give you even more help, and allow you to adjust the training program to suit your own needs.
Buy it today, and begin your four month transformation and achieve your outdoors dreams now. Perfect gift for your friend, family, or loved one who hikes, skis, runs, snowshoes or any other sport on trails in the mountains or hills.
64,000 Words, 340 Pages, 120 tables, 88 photos
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